You Birthday celebration of our Managing Director (2019) #YehdostihumnahitodengeSir#ILoveyouSir

You Birthday celebration of our Managing Director (2019) #YehdostihumnahitodengeSir#ILoveyouSir

Glimpses from the birthday celebration of our Managing Director. The fete had cakes, flowers, handwritten notes, gifts, smiles, dance, music, and endless fun. This 27th of September was a day to remember – with countless memories to rejoice and endless stories to unfold.
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All the members of Standards Services gathered for the birthday party of Mr. Mukesh Kaushik, our Managing Director. The event was organized at a resort in Mewat, Haryana on the 27th of September 2019.

This video is a memorable token of love, respect, and admiration for our loved boss, who is more than a friend and colleague. The celebration day was a story to remember when all of us gathered at the venue. We had a great start for the day with the best delicacies served for the morning breakfast followed by a never-ending party where all of us danced till the dusk of the day. Post lunch, we had a quick session of the hearty conversations, pool time, snap session, and another round of evening fun games, snacks, and all of this was followed by a night to remember.

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