Ten Reasons To Adopt Managed Services

Ten Reasons To Adopt Managed Services

A Business Case For Making This Pivot

Certain types of service organizations are prone to feast-or-famine cycles, scalability issues and client loyalty challenges. This might be CPA firms who are overwhelmed in tax season. It might be technology consulting firms who see a deluge of demand when a major manufacturer revs their products. This might be management consulting firms who realize tremendous demand when government regulations change.

No matter what type of firm, the challenge remains the same. At certain times their hands are empty and other times they can’t handle all of the work. Usually these firms share a common approach: project-based deals have a start, a delivery cycle and a finish. When the project is done, the team members who served the client are costing you money even though you may not have billable projects for them.

In this article, I want to build the business case for why firms who face these conditions should adopt managed services. Managed services, unlike project-based services, are usually based on year-round contracts with clients who share a long-term perspective with the service provider. Here are ten reasons you should adopt managed services.