Shipping with Confidence: How DHL reduced test execution time by 50%

Shipping with Confidence: How DHL reduced test execution time by 50%

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In this webcast, Rick Fleuren, Software Developer at DHL Parcel, and Gleb Bahmutov, VP of Engineering at Cypress, will show how the DHL team uses Cypress in combination with Docker and Jenkins to cut their test execution time in half. They’ll also discuss how the team accomplishes full E2E test runs without needing to rely on mocks or stubbing.

DHL currently has around 25 software developers who maintain several codebases; the Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer (B2X) team consists of 6 developers, who run 130+ cypress tests before each deployment to production. DHL is currently experiencing massive growth, with their software currently serving 150k packages daily. During this presentation, we’ll explore the real-world stack of DHL, which will be simulated inside Jenkins using Docker compose, and how Cypress tests are used to assure quality and confidence for every deployment.

We will demonstrate multiple ways of achieving parallelization with minimal effort, through the power of Docker containers and the help of Jenkins built-in parallelization. Finally, we’ll conclude the webcast by showing how the DHL team reduced their test execution time from 7 minutes to 3.5 minutes by parallelizing their Cypress tests.