Oracle Managed Services – Next Generation Managed Services | Evosys

Oracle Managed Services – Next Generation Managed Services | Evosys

Are you getting the most out of Oracle Cloud? Do you feel you are getting the best Return on Investment on your Oracle Cloud? Our Oracle Next-Generation Managed Services can help you do just that!

During this webcast, we answered the questions, ‘Why use Application Managed Services, if there is the option of performing these functions in-house?’. Before you answer, here are some questions for you:

-Are you meeting and exceeding the ROI you intended with your Cloud Technology investments or are you just getting by?
-Are you able to continuously drive user adoption and increase efficiencies through best practices?
-Do you benefit from a fully automated testing solution for the Quarterly updates?
-Do you have time to assess and deploy these innovations so that your business can benefit through the enabling functionalities introduced?
-Does your current support model allow you to help with delivering on your KPI’s?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, this session will be of interest to you.

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