How To Market Managed Services – Part 3

How To Market Managed Services – Part 3

Building And Executing The Outbound Plan

In my last article on this topic, I outlined ten digital marketing strategies that accelerate the growth of managed services revenue. Managed services, unlike project-based services, break the feast-or-famine cycle, are usually scalable and stabilize profits. This can lead to EBITDA that is well above industry averages.

My thesis is that digital marketing should front-end the sales cycle of managed services. Great digital marketing builds trust, increases your win-rates and creates buy-in to your approach. Creating buy-in is essential to retaining clients for the long-term, which impact profits.

There are two parts to a digital marketing plan: infrastructure and outbound. In this article I want to give you insights into five outbound digital marketing strategies. These strategies are based on the real-world experience of numerous professional service firms today who have grown managed services substantially. These practices account for millions of dollars in net-new, high-profit and annually-repeatable revenue. Let me show you what actually works today.